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Churchill show Sn05 Ep 47: Dare to dream edition

A motivational episode of Churchill show from Alliance Francaise featuring your favourite comedians and hosted by Mwalimu churchill Mwenyewe. Guests

6/8/2018Churchill show Sn 5 Eps 44: ' Back to the roots', Alliance Française Edition

29/7/2018Churchill Show S05 E43: Utawala Edition Part 2

29/1/2018Churchill Show Inspire edition

24/12/2017Churchill show S05 E16 - Best of Laugh Festival 2

26/11/2017Churchill at 40

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20/7/2017Churchill Raw S4 E51: 'Chai Edition'

24/7/2017Churchill Show S4 E49: 'Chaget' Edition

15/5/2017Churchill Show S4 E40: Mother's Day Edition

2/7/2017Churchill Show S4 E47 Kisumu Edition Part 2

18/5/2017Churchill Raw S4 E42: Mammito 'throws shade' on Karis

23/4/2017Churchill Show S4 E37: 'Celebrating the Life of AKA (Ayeiya)

10/4/2017Churchill Show S4 E34; The 'Artist's Edition'

2/4/2017Churchill Show S4 E34: MCA Tricky's budget

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