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#TTTT: Kakamega bodaboda rider sells wife to buy soda

Commissioning the Trend Trending Talkers 2017 with Cindy Ogana, Ciru Muriuki and Eddie Butita and host Larry Madowo.

Posted 1 day ago
S.O.C Introduce their new song ‘Aje’ featuring Kriss Errroh and Majic Mike - #theTrend
Posted 1 day ago
Kelele Takatifu start the year with a new song 'Aina Noma'- '#theTrend
Posted 1 day ago
Fena, Mayonde and Kagwe Mungai speak about their new Single 'Kama Kawaida' - #theTrend
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:43:54 EAT 2016
Why 'Jesus' Daniel Christos and Melody tour the World barefoot - #theTrend
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:45:23 EAT 2016
Ringtone says Willy Paul, Pitson planted pregnancy rumours about him - #TTTT
Posted Sat Dec 03 19:57:24 EAT 2016
One on One with Tinie Tempah, Britain's most successful rapper
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:35:27 EAT 2016
Tinie Tempah says popular Kenyan phrases in British accent - #theTrend
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:36:28 EAT 2016
Shisha & girls who bring 5 friends to a date; H_artTheBand & Bensoul - #theTrend
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:42:10 EAT 2016
Octopizzo launches new album with talented refugees - #theTrend
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:43:09 EAT 2016
Wangechi bounces back with an EP album and new music video - #theTrend
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:39:15 EAT 2016
Why Octopizzo only dates white women
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:37:39 EAT 2016
Octopizzo addresses custody battle with ex over daughter
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:32:02 EAT 2016
Turn Up - Octopizzo, Juma & SkJ (#theTrend LIVE performance)
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:33:26 EAT 2016
Masheesha - H_art the Band & Bensoul (Live on #theTrend)
Posted Sat Dec 03 18:34:33 EAT 2016
It is so right when Wangechi performs (Live on #theTrend)
Posted Fri Dec 30 23:25:04 EAT 2016
Yeah, Betty Bayo faced her toughest interview on #theTrend - Best on the Trend 2016
Posted Fri Dec 30 23:24:15 EAT 2016
Larry Madowo fails to keep it cool on #theTrend - Best on the Trend 2016
Posted Fri Dec 30 23:23:15 EAT 2016
The best of The Trend Trending Talkers 2016 - #TTTT
Posted Sat Nov 26 20:22:25 EAT 2016
#TTTT: White 'Jesus' roaming the streets of Nairobi, Kenyans lose it