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Press Pass: The KDF attack narrative and how the media has handled the situation

Following the attack on a KDF camp in Kulbiyow in Somalia, Kenyans are demanding more information from the government on all aspects ranging from the

Posted Wed Nov 23 17:20:40 EAT 2016
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Posted Wed Aug 10 15:48:48 EAT 2016
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Posted Tue Jul 26 22:26:09 EAT 2016
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Posted Tue Jun 28 16:51:26 EAT 2016
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Posted Tue Jun 21 15:46:45 EAT 2016
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Posted Tue Jun 14 20:05:09 EAT 2016
Press Pass : Reporting on hate speech without spreading it
Posted Wed Jun 01 16:31:55 EAT 2016
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Posted Mon May 02 23:11:10 EAT 2016
Press Pass: Press freedom and ethical dilemmas
Posted Mon May 02 23:10:07 EAT 2016
#PressPass: Kinyanjui's perspective on CORD storming IEBC's offices
Posted Tue Apr 26 18:40:03 EAT 2016
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Posted Tue Apr 19 19:38:20 EAT 2016
Press Pass: Telling the story beyond the ICC cases
Posted Tue Apr 05 19:00:57 EAT 2016
Press pass : Shame of the Nation or State of the Nation?
Posted Tue Mar 29 19:35:15 EAT 2016
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Posted Tue Mar 08 22:12:51 EAT 2016
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