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Chapter 6 was to bar people with integrity issues not criminals - Miguna Miguna

Nairobi governor aspirant Miguna Miguna clarifies the purpose of Chapter Six of the Constitution and who it specifically targets.

Posted 3 days ago
No single soul in Kenya can say Miguna stole this - Miguna Miguna
Posted 3 days ago
Orie Rogo-Manduli accuses Kenyans of wanting to elect "tainted people"
Posted 3 days ago
Are there 'horses' and 'donkeys' in the race for Nairobi governor?
Posted 3 days ago
Kenyans face another integrity test in 2017 after failing in 2013
Posted Tue May 16 15:47:51 EAT 2017
A country doesn't run on auto-pilot, Miguna Miguna tells Jubilee on maize crisis
Posted Tue May 16 15:49:17 EAT 2017
Food shortage is the greatest threat to Kenya's national security: Khalwale
Posted Tue May 16 15:50:20 EAT 2017
Miguna Miguna accuses Wamatangi of giving examples that don't help Jubilee
Posted Tue May 16 15:51:29 EAT 2017
Government on the spot over 'maize imports from Mexico/South Africa
Posted Wed Apr 19 14:52:29 EAT 2017
Kenya "glorifying hooliganism & thuggery" in the name of democracy
Posted Wed Apr 19 14:56:08 EAT 2017
Wage bill: Should Kenya hold a referendum to lower MPs' salaries & allowances?
Posted Wed Apr 19 14:58:42 EAT 2017
South Sudan: Founding fathers must give way to youth leadership - Mustafa Ali
Posted Wed Apr 19 15:00:38 EAT 2017
Mr. President, SRC call for a referendum on the wage bill - Mustafa Ali
Posted Wed Apr 19 15:01:51 EAT 2017
Black Hawk Down: Is Trump's decision to deploy troops to Somalia right one?
Posted Mon Apr 10 17:36:18 EAT 2017
Off the press: Top on your favourite newspapers plus the day's news highlights - AMLiveNTV
Posted Mon Apr 10 17:38:46 EAT 2017
Why the Flag bearer subject is still a touchy one for Nasa -AMLiveNTV
Posted Mon Mar 27 14:22:55 EAT 2017
Hot off the press. Top on your favourite newspapers plus the day's news highlights #AMLiveNTV
Posted Mon Mar 27 14:26:25 EAT 2017
Are graft allegations by Hon Raila Odinga against Jubilee administration authentic? - AMLiveNTV
Posted Mon Mar 27 14:27:14 EAT 2017
Shambolic party nominations: Why Kenya will never get correct leadership - AMLiveNTV
Posted Wed Mar 22 14:37:16 EAT 2017
Busting myths about cancer with Dr Catherine Nyongesa
Posted Wed Mar 22 14:38:23 EAT 2017
A guide on what to know about cancer and how to treat it
Posted Wed Mar 22 14:25:22 EAT 2017
Are the 500 Tanzanian doctors coming to Kenya really safe?