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Politicians continue blame-shifting on 'unga crisis' as Kenyans sleep hungry

System failure, corruption and lack of proper planning cited as some of the main reasons why Kenya government is not able to feed its population. These

Posted 6 days ago
Large quantities of plastic rice already in Kenyan Market - Farah Maalim
Posted 6 days ago
Thin line separating CSs’ development statements and politics
Posted Mon Jun 12 13:55:47 EAT 2017
Will IEBC finally deal with the question of dead voters in the register?
Posted Mon Jun 12 14:08:07 EAT 2017
No end in sight in the supremacy battle between MPs and senators
Posted Mon Jun 12 14:09:02 EAT 2017
Calls for 6-piece voting labeled as the 'death of democracy'
Posted Tue Jun 06 14:51:02 EAT 2017
Miguna Miguna explains why he changed his running mate
Posted Tue Jun 06 14:51:40 EAT 2017
IEBC appeals against ruling on the declaration of presidential results
Posted Tue Jun 06 14:52:23 EAT 2017
I had the chance to be a 'tenderpreneur' but I decided not to - Miguna Miguna
Posted Tue Jun 06 14:53:09 EAT 2017
Does the rise of independents signal the 'death' of regional kingpins?
Posted Wed May 31 14:12:02 EAT 2017
Was the damage of SGR at Mariakani vandalism or economic sabotage?
Posted Wed May 31 14:14:30 EAT 2017
SGR facing a lot of skepticism because it was 'wrongly labeled' a Jubilee project
Posted Tue May 30 14:26:23 EAT 2017
The truth about the sustainability of Kenya's rising debt levels
Posted Tue May 30 14:27:45 EAT 2017
Relevance of party manifestos and whether Kenyans pay attention to them
Posted Tue May 30 14:28:54 EAT 2017
Is it a two-horse race for the presidency & Nairobi County governor?
Posted Tue May 23 14:18:08 EAT 2017
Chapter 6 was to bar people with integrity issues not criminals - Miguna Miguna
Posted Tue May 23 14:17:12 EAT 2017
No single soul in Kenya can say Miguna stole this - Miguna Miguna
Posted Tue May 23 14:16:26 EAT 2017
Orie Rogo-Manduli accuses Kenyans of wanting to elect "tainted people"
Posted Tue May 23 14:15:38 EAT 2017
Are there 'horses' and 'donkeys' in the race for Nairobi governor?
Posted Tue May 23 14:14:47 EAT 2017
Kenyans face another integrity test in 2017 after failing in 2013
Posted Tue May 16 15:47:51 EAT 2017
A country doesn't run on auto-pilot, Miguna Miguna tells Jubilee on maize crisis
Posted Tue May 16 15:49:17 EAT 2017
Food shortage is the greatest threat to Kenya's national security: Khalwale