KDF on the spot over Al-Shabaab charcoal exports in Somalia

Trevor Ombija speaks to George Musamali, Byron Adera, Mustafa Ali and Sammy Mwithi on the fresh report by the United Nations that implicates the Kenya

Posted 2 days ago
Analysis of the Kenya Police Service and why it was ranked the 3rd worst in the world
Posted 2 days ago
Sammy Mwithi tells protestors to throw 'rubber stones' to avoid confrontation with police
Posted 2 days ago
What is the difference between an interested party and amicus curiae?
Posted Mon Nov 06 05:32:55 EAT 2017
What to expect as the presidential petition deadline nears
Posted Fri Oct 27 16:53:53 EAT 2017
Religious, political leaders oppose elections in Nyanza
Posted Fri Oct 27 16:56:12 EAT 2017
"Jubilee's game has been exposed", - Nasa terms repeat election a sham
Posted Fri Oct 27 16:58:48 EAT 2017
Raila Odinga speaks for the first time after divisive repeat poll
Posted Fri Oct 27 17:00:09 EAT 2017
Aftermath of battle between police and protesters in Migori
Posted Fri Oct 27 17:01:16 EAT 2017
Normacly returns to Kibra Constituency
Posted Wed Oct 25 13:19:20 EAT 2017
Supreme court quorum hitch was not accidental, James Orengo says
Posted Wed Oct 25 13:22:34 EAT 2017
Lawyer John Khaminwa expresses disappointment in supreme court's lack of quorum
Posted Wed Oct 25 13:23:47 EAT 2017
Supreme Court hit by hitch before case hearing
Posted Wed Oct 25 13:24:50 EAT 2017
I am shocked it's this easy for someone to circumvent justice - Edwin Sifuna
Posted Wed Oct 25 13:27:47 EAT 2017
Election on 26th October? Not possible if the High Court ruling is anything to go by - Khaminwa
Posted Wed Oct 25 13:28:44 EAT 2017
The day democracy died in Kenya according to lawyer Edwin Sifuna
Posted Wed Oct 11 12:40:38 EAT 2017
Baba's withdrawal from the election has been well thought out - Gabriel Muthuma
Posted Wed Oct 11 12:43:02 EAT 2017
Apollo Mboya says Raila Odinga's withdrawal from election has not yet been effected
Posted Wed Oct 11 12:45:02 EAT 2017
Calculated move or misguided advice - Analysing Raila Odinga's election withdrawal
Posted Thu Sep 14 22:19:03 EAT 2017
No reforms, no elections - Nasa reiterates
Posted Thu Sep 14 21:43:55 EAT 2017
Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia says he wont fire county executives
Posted Thu Sep 14 21:38:37 EAT 2017
MP Ngunjiri Wambugu files petition to oust Chief Justice David Maraga