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Senator Beth Mugo drums up support for President Kenyatta at the Coast

Nominated Senator Beth Mugo has urged residents at the coast to register in large numbers and vote to ensure that Raila Odinga is not elected as

Posted Thu Jan 26 12:58:57 EAT 2017
Court gives doctors' union five days to suspend strike - #HealthCrisis
Posted Thu Jan 26 12:59:43 EAT 2017
KHRC demands information on 2 South Sudan activists allegedly abducted by Kenya police
Posted Thu Jan 26 13:00:30 EAT 2017
Full Court Session: KMPDU officials given 5 days to end strike
Posted Tue Jan 10 15:08:55 EAT 2017
Vetting of IEBC commissioners
Posted Tue Jan 10 15:10:33 EAT 2017
Striking doctors dare government to arrest them all
Posted Tue Jan 10 15:11:43 EAT 2017
5 families in Molo counting losses after inferno
Posted Tue Jan 10 15:13:02 EAT 2017
A police officer dies after vehicle collided with a truck in Garissa
Posted Tue Jan 10 15:14:25 EAT 2017
Praying for peace: Clergy in Mt. Kenya region begin 40 days of fasting
Posted Tue Jan 10 15:15:49 EAT 2017
Woman accused of killing husband in Watamu wants to vary condition imposed on her release
Posted Tue Jan 10 15:17:14 EAT 2017
Kenya Airways to retrench 38 more workers
Posted Tue Jan 10 15:18:45 EAT 2017
Luhya community in Kwale supports Mudavadi
Posted Sun Dec 18 21:23:05 EAT 2016
Two suspected robbers gunned down by police in Nyeri
Posted Sun Dec 18 21:24:19 EAT 2016
NTSA crackdown: Private cars operating as PSV's impounded in Kisumu
Posted Sun Dec 18 21:25:30 EAT 2016
CORD governors ask Baringo Senator Gideon Moi to join NASA
Posted Sun Dec 18 21:26:41 EAT 2016
Governor John Mruttu accused of backing investors in Taita land saga
Posted Sun Dec 18 21:27:53 EAT 2016
Marsabit residents strengthen bonds of peace ahead of 2017 elections
Posted Sun Dec 18 21:29:27 EAT 2016
Chirau Ali Mwakwere joins crowded ODM race for Kwale governorship
Posted Sun Dec 18 21:33:28 EAT 2016
Roads of death? Grim statistics on as transporters rush to make a kill
Posted Sun Dec 18 21:34:46 EAT 2016
Jubilee claims Odinga plotting to rig elections through technology
Posted Sun Dec 18 21:42:44 EAT 2016
Cartels in Kilifi secretly sell land belonging to a widow
Posted Sun Dec 18 21:43:51 EAT 2016
NTSA impounds private cars operating as PSVs