Cheap ugali? Not yet: Maize flour prices will not come down soon - millers

Brace yourself for another tough two months ahead because you will still be paying more for unga. The Cereal Millers Association says it will take a

Posted Mon May 08 23:13:01 EAT 2017
Broken promises: Jubilee's promise on cheap ugali yet to be met
Posted Mon May 08 23:14:07 EAT 2017
Retailers to save millions of shillings in plastic bags ban
Posted Mon May 08 23:15:06 EAT 2017
15 new rice varieties to be released to Western Kenya farmers
Posted Mon May 08 23:16:09 EAT 2017
Insurance penetration at 3% despite growth efforts: Cytonn
Posted Mon May 08 23:17:01 EAT 2017
Pay more for post: CA approves increased rates for postal services
Posted Mon May 08 23:17:51 EAT 2017
Private equity firm buys Jambo biscuits, mother firm of Britania
Posted Wed Apr 19 15:11:25 EAT 2017
Nairobi ranked top destination for global fortune 500 FMCG firms
Posted Wed Apr 19 15:12:56 EAT 2017
Value of Kenya's coffee rises 38.5% at NCE season's first half
Posted Fri Mar 10 20:14:07 EAT 2017
Nation sacco announces Ksh 15 per share dividend to its members
Posted Fri Mar 10 21:39:45 EAT 2017
Nairobi Innovation Week: Innovation showcase comes to an end after a week
Posted Fri Mar 10 21:51:05 EAT 2017
Poland woos Kenya: Poland seeks to open trade office in Kenya
Posted Wed Mar 01 21:43:37 EAT 2017
FKE launches employer of the year awards
Posted Wed Mar 01 21:44:18 EAT 2017
Kibe: KAA in court to reclaim Wilson Airport grabbed land
Posted Wed Mar 01 21:45:02 EAT 2017
Kenwear, Thika Cloth mills diversified to survive
Posted Mon Feb 27 22:04:11 EAT 2017
Golden opportunity in Kakamega as company finds significant deposits
Posted Mon Feb 27 22:05:21 EAT 2017
Government, Tullow say Kenya's first oil export to happen in June
Posted Mon Feb 27 22:06:06 EAT 2017
Africa loses more than it gains from developed countries
Posted Thu Feb 23 22:11:17 EAT 2017
Trypanosomiasis threat increases due to worsening drought
Posted Thu Feb 23 22:20:46 EAT 2017
Airlines to be able to fly directly between Kenya and the U.S.
Posted Thu Feb 23 22:23:15 EAT 2017
Kenyan consumers demand best tech says Samsung representative
Posted Wed Feb 22 10:26:24 EAT 2017
Twenty tons of stolen coffee recovered in private home in Kiambu