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Government to pay teachers July salaries

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It is reprieve for teachers as government decides to pay them their July salaries despite warning from Salaries and Remuneration Commission. Speaking after a follow-up meeting with officials of Kenya National Union of Teachers (TSC), Salaries Remuneration Commission and Teachers Serviceb Commission (TSC) at State House Nairobi,  President Uhuru Kenyatta gave the assurance that teachers have agreed to teach during the second and third terms to bring schools up to speed with the time lost. Citing the relevant provisions of the law, President Kenyatta said the teachers’ strike became illegal and unprotected from the time KNUT failed to respect the Industrial Court order and call off the strike.
The President said KNUT agreed to work closely with the government to support the implementation of the laptop Project to ensure the integration of ICT into the education sector. President Kenyatta told trade unions to abide by the Collective Bargaining Agreements and to use the dispute resolution mechanisms before taking industrial action.

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Garissa county seeks to tackle maternal and infant deaths

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Garissa county’s high rate of maternal mortality was linked to the number of births that take place without skilled attendants.

Most maternal deaths were easily preventable when basic care was available.

The county government implemented a project that sought to reduce the high number of maternal new born and infant deaths.

Faith for community for well being project a project that sought to increase community based maternal and newborn child health care services in Garissa using faith based approaches.

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Father calls for independent post mortem after son dies following fight with colleague in school

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The parents of a 20-year-old Form Four candidate who died at Otieno Oyoo High School in Kisumu county were demanding thorough investigations into his death their son’s death…

This, they said, was due to conflicting reports about the student’s death…The student’s father was demanding that a postmortem be conducted on his son’s body to ascertain the true cause of death…NTV’s Ouko Okusah with more details.

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6th All African Conference on animal agriculture

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Kenya becomes the first African country to host ‘the All Africa Conference on Animal Agriculture ‘ for the second time. .



The event that was normally held after every four years was aimed at increasing productivity among farmers in their respective countries.


The International  conference jointly organized by the Animal Production Society of Kenya and Ministry  of Agriculture Livestock would host delegates from over 30 countries across the continent.



It was set to run from the 26th to 30th of October 2014 at Kenyatta International Conference Centre. The event is meant to benefit farmers in the given countries as they will acquire better modes and techniques of farming. They will be targeting mostly animal farmers with the  aim of ensuring better animal health and higher productivity. Challenges and successes by animal farmers across the continent are set to be the focus of discussions meant at addressing the shortcomings of smallscale farmers who will be encouraged to embrace commercialization of Agriculture. Other countries that have hosted the event besides Kenya are south Africa, Tanzania, Egypt and Ethopia.

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Super Power gang on reign of terror in Eastleigh

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A gang of young men calling itself superpower was running a campaign of terror in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate.

Residents wanted the police to take action on the gang predominantly made up of young Somali men.

The people said the gang had been terrorizing them, stealing and stabbing people, and if the government didn’t act, they would take matters into their own hands. Andrew Ochieng with the details.

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Kwangombe residents in Mikindani displaced after landslide

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Over 2,000 families from Kwangombe in Mikindani were in danger of one day waking up and finding themselves washed into the Indian Ocean.
This was after a landslide that was gradually pushing them towards the ocean started.

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Women and Power; Lady mechanic Dorcus Kuria

Posted on by yokahama

Most women would tell you the worst thing about having a car is dealing with flat tyres.

The daunting task of changing them is mentally exhausting as that is as close as they would get to the circular rubber object.
Dorcus Kuria from Meru town, made a business out of the pesky task and wouldn’t trade her mechanic overalls for a crisp business suit.

We visited Dorcus hard at work in her tyre repair shop, as she shares her story of resilience in a man’s world.

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Collins Jaduong’ a gifted pencil artist

Posted on by yokahama

A pencil sketch artist in Kisumu, Collins Jaduong’ was on his way to meet the real Jaduong’ of the country.

His portrait of Uhuru Kenyatta went viral online and has attracted the attention of State House which invited him to meet the president.

He had also done portraits for other recognizable Kenyan faces including NTV’s Larry Madowo. We went out to meet him before he meets the president.

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Taswira ya Jamii Taita Taveta

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NTV Weekend Edition October 24, 2014

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Coast Insecurity; Two people gunned down in Mombasa and Kwale counties

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Two people were gunned down in two isolated incidents in Mombasa and Kwale counties.

Two old men aged 76 and 60 years survived the attack and were recovering the ordeal that had sparked fears in the respective counties.

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