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Al Ghurair allowed to print presidential ballot papers

While public participation is a general requirement during almost all government procedures, it is not mandatory to carry it out when awarding a direct

National News

Posted 8 hours ago
Team Kenya to receive Ksh 100, 000 from president Uhuru
Posted 8 hours ago
Bulls Eye: Being a donkey is not so bad after all
Posted 8 hours ago
Food Friday: Kenya currently in a long rains season but the rains not eased the drought
Posted 8 hours ago
Flower workers set to have new and more favourable work terms

Churchill Show

Posted Sun Jul 02 22:48:46 EAT 2017
Churchill Show S4 E47 Kisumu Edition Part 2
Posted Mon Jul 10 15:32:24 EAT 2017
Churchill Show Kericho edition
Posted Sun Jun 25 23:35:20 EAT 2017
Churchill show S4 E46: Kisumu 'Maduong' Edition
Posted Sun May 28 23:05:14 EAT 2017
Churchill Show S4 E42: Thika Edition


Posted Sat Jul 01 15:27:31 EAT 2017
'I have no regrets about my decision to quit my job, I am enjoying this' - Janet Mbugua
Posted Sat Jul 01 15:58:25 EAT 2017
Shaffie Weru, Janet Mbugua, Boniface Mwangi and Edith Kimani on their careers #theTrend
Posted Sat Jul 01 15:56:01 EAT 2017
Nameless, Muthoni Drummer Queen and Tokodi on their projects this year #theTrend
Posted Sat Jul 01 15:55:17 EAT 2017
Propesa on winning the OLX Soma awards #theTrend

NTV Property Show

Posted 5 days ago
NTV Property Show - Women in Real Estate, Structural Engineer
Posted Mon Apr 24 13:34:52 EAT 2017
NTV Property Show S2 E11; Budget effects on real estate
Posted Mon Apr 24 13:32:44 EAT 2017
NTV Property Show S2 E10; Conmen in real estate
Posted Wed Feb 22 11:01:36 EAT 2017
NTV Property Show S2 E6; Energy efficient housing