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Raila Odinga speaks on his fight against electoral autocracy - FULL Interview

There will be no elections in the Republic of Kenya, but there is sufficient time to change things that went wrong last time - Raila Odinga

National News

Posted 4 hours ago
Chief Justice David Maraga's individual judgement
Posted 5 hours ago
Supreme Court Judge Isaac Lenaola reading the introduction part of the Supreme Ruling
Posted 5 hours ago
One person injured, police, protestors forced to flee after bees attack them outside Supreme Court
Posted 5 hours ago
Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu's individual judgement

Churchill Show

Posted 5 days ago
Churchill RAW S5 E2
Posted 21/8/2017
Churchill Show S4 E54: Season Finale
Posted 27/7/2017
Churchill Raw S4 E52
Posted 20/7/2017
Churchill Raw S4 E51: 'Chai Edition'


Posted 4 days ago
Tekno crap: Nigerian artist 'munyas' fans in Nairobi concert #TTTT
Posted 4 days ago
MDQ, Steph Kapela, Tunji and Shukid on fighting the system with music
Posted 4 days ago
Jasper Murume on why he chose to do comedy #theTrend
Posted 4 days ago
Meet Arrow Bwoy the latest artist to be signed with Kaka empire #theTrend

NTV Property Show

Posted 27/7/2017
NTV Property Show Women in Real Estate - Architecture
Posted 16/7/2017
NTV Property Show - Women in Real Estate, Structural Engineer
Posted 24/4/2017
NTV Property Show S2 E11; Budget effects on real estate
Posted 24/4/2017
NTV Property Show S2 E10; Conmen in real estate