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Ruai baby’s foot amputated after turning gangrenous

A family in Nairobi's Ruai is seeking justice for their new born baby who's foot was amputated in a case of suspected medical negligence. The less than

National News

Posted 2 hours ago
Ksh 1.2 billion goes down the drain literally as bridge collapses in Sigiri, Budalangi
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Joho, Shabal and Hassan embrace during Eid-ul-fitr prayers
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Joho holds Eid baraza at Mombasa treasury square
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Jubilee set to unveil manifesto at Kasarani Sports complex

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Larry Madowo announces he is leaving #theTrend
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Corruption fights back, traffic cops vs EACC officers #TTTT
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Juliani: One of the beautiful things that could ever happened to a man is having a daughter
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Meet the Nairobi girls chorale #theTrend

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