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The rise and fall of Buru Buru

It was home to the affluent, the biggest single housing scheme in Kenya in 70's and 80's...where the moneyed lived and were the envy of many. But

National News

Posted 17 hours ago
Leaders to use numbers to ascend to leadership
Posted 17 hours ago
The rise and fall of Buru Buru
Posted 17 hours ago
The MCA seat increasingly becoming lucrative
Posted 17 hours ago
Pokemon Go gaining momentum worldwide

Churchill Show

Posted 12/7/2016
Churchill show: Season 5, Episode 62
Posted 30/6/2016
Churchill RAW Season 03 Episode 58
Posted 19/6/2016
Churchill show S5 E59: Father's day Edition
Posted 6/6/2016
Churchill show S3 E57


Posted 2/7/2016
TTTT: County government of Tharaka Nithi buys fish for Ksh. 400M, then throws them in the river
Posted 2/7/2016
#theTrend: Brenda Wairimu shares on her career, motherhood and new projects
Posted 2/7/2016
#theTrend: Kenyan football star Victor Wanyama on his big move to Tottenham Hotspur
Posted 2/7/2016
#theTrend: Jimmy Gait elaborates on the meaning of 'sponsor' in his latest song

Bulls Eye

Posted 1/7/2016
Bullseye: ''Emerging issues'' in Kenya's political parties
Posted 24/6/2016
BullsEye: Love brewed in police cells
Posted 21/5/2016
Bullseye: Knowing which side your bread is buttered is critical
Posted 25/3/2016
Bullseye: A Kenyan politicians most lethal weapon


Posted 21/5/2016
AM Live May 18, 2016; In The Market with First Community Bank
Posted 21/5/2016
AM Live May 18, 2016; Breaking Boundaries
Posted 21/5/2016
AM Live May 18, 2016; Reforming IEBC
Posted 21/5/2016
AM Live May 18, 2016; Demonstrations and Civil Unrest

N-Soko Property Show

Posted 3/1/2016
N-Soko Property show Episode 127: Insights on community land bill and land issues
Posted 27/12/2015
Nsoko Property Show Episode 126
Posted 13/12/2015
The N-Soko Property Show Episode 124
Posted 29/11/2015
The N-Soko Property Show Episode 122

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