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Allegations of Ksh.4 million bribe arise in Kenyan athletes doping related bans

Athletics Kenya has denied claims that its Chief Executive Officer, Issac Mwangi, asked for over 4 million shillings in bribe money to reduce the

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Posted 18 hours ago
Grandmother buried in the same grave with grandson
Posted 18 hours ago
7 people die in a road crash involving matatu and truck
Posted 18 hours ago
President announces measures to boost the economy
Posted 16 hours ago
LSK recommends criminal charges against police officers named

Churchill Show

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Churchill Show Season 05 Episode 41
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Posted 30/1/2016
#TTTT: The Trend Trending Talkers- Kenyan preacher sells olive oil as cancer, HIV cure in the UK
Posted 30/1/2016
#theTrend: Muthoni the Drummer Queen and Kagwe Mungai perform 'Hot this Year'
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Third Hand Music performs new song 'Helena' LIVE on #theTrend
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#theTrend: Making Music- Trade secrets from pioneer music producer Tedd Josiah

Bulls Eye

Posted 30/1/2016
Bull's Eye January 29, 2016
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Bullseye: Reasons why you must sing Governor's song and why Sonko and Joho are fighting
Posted 20/11/2015
Bull's Eye: It takes two to tango and in the case of KNUT, that would be Sossion and Nzili
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Bull's Eye


Posted 18/1/2016
AM LIVE 18th Jan 2016; Is Kenya a Bandit Economy?
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AM LIVE January 15, 2016 Gilad Millo's love for Kenya
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N-Soko Property Show

Posted 3/1/2016
N-Soko Property show Episode 127: Insights on community land bill and land issues
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Nsoko Property Show Episode 126
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The N-Soko Property Show Episode 124
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