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The Papal message, Pope Francis calls on Kenyans to keep family close, God closer

The words Pope Francis uttered during mass were probably the most anticipated by not only Catholic faithful but Kenyans generally.

National News

Posted 17 hours ago
#PopeInKenya: Pope's mobile makes its way to UoN grounds for the Papal Mass
Posted 9 hours ago
Pope in Kenya: Pope Francis' mass in Nairobi
Posted 9 hours ago
Did you see this? Woman evades security to kiss the Pope
Posted 9 hours ago
Pope in Kenya: Papal address at St. Mary's School

Churchill Show

Posted 20/11/2015
Churchill RAW Season 03 Episode 27
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Churchill Show Season 05 Episode 29
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Churchill Show Season 05 Episode 28
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Churchill Show Season 05 Episode 27


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#theTrend: Chebarbar comedians, The kings of comedy in Uasin Gishu county
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#theTrend Trending Talkers: Man splashes millions on wife’s baby shower at Kempinski

Bulls Eye

Posted 6 days ago
Bull's Eye: It takes two to tango and in the case of KNUT, that would be Sossion and Nzili
Posted 6/11/2015
Bull's Eye
Posted 19/10/2015
BullsEye: 'Kiboko haram' Kisumu residents feast on hippo meat, Kenyan political emojis
Posted 19/10/2015
#BullsEye: El Nino scare and political blame games


Posted 3 days ago
AM Live Nov 23, 2015: Tembea Kenya, Lamu Heritage
Posted 3 days ago
AM Live Nov 17, 2015 #PeopleAndPolitics On Corruption, actions on scandals finally taken
Posted 3 days ago
AM Live Nov 20, 2015 #LeadershipForum On Women In Leadership
Posted 2/11/2015
AM Live Oct 30, 2015 #LeadershipForum On Excellence

N-Soko Property Show

Posted 4 days ago
N-Soko Property Show Episode 121
Posted 17/11/2015
The N-Soko Property Show Episode 120
Posted 1/11/2015
The N-Soko Property Show Episode 119
Posted 26/10/2015
NSOKO Property Show: Green Building

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